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Dying Swan


Wild Lily Links

A Familiar Shore

Featuring the poetry book on Aboriginal Medicine by Canadian poet Emily Isaacson.


The book site for Victorian poetry by poet Emily Isaacson. Now buy the book!

Voetelle Portfolio

Visit the photography portfolio of rural landscape photographer Emily Isaacson. A special of Voetelle Gallery.

The Medieval Apothecary Shoppe

Visit the medieval dispensary of the apothecary. Find a remedy from our expert; learn more about essential oils, carrier oils, and Bach Flower Remedies.

Sea Chamber

Visit the book blog for A Familiar Shore by Canadian poet Isaacson.

Nutrition Wellness Clinic

The WLI provides a clinic in the community for your family nutrition needs. Visit a licensed nutritionist and receive your food plan today!

You Tube Videos

Voetelle You Tube Videos

View the official booktrailers and videos. Experience Emily Isaacson's art and poetry in multimedia with verse, music, and images to inspire your creativity and art.